Speaking in tongues

One of the most important spiritual gifts given to the apostles and early Christians was tongue speaking—the ability to speak in a language that they had not studied or practiced. The good news of Jesus spread quickly in the days of the early church, due in part to this ability to share it with people in their own languages.

Although we no longer have this spiritual gift, the world continues to be a very linguistically diverse place, in spite of the globalization that has come to pass as a result of new technology and easier travel. There is still a need to be able to share the good news of Christ with people in their own language. And that is what I am trying to do.

My name is Benjamin Bruce, and I love learning languages, traveling, and learning about other cultures. Language-learning is a lifelong pursuit of mine, and rather than relegate it to a mere hobby to dabble in, I want to put this talent to work for God. I am traveling around the world now, trying to serve God wherever I am. Currently I am in Athens, Greece.

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